Help Is On The Way 


Friendly Tip:
If You Need Help, ASK For It! Help Is On The Way!

When Lereine was about seven weeks old, I was tired. I was exhausted; and I did not know it was appropriate to ask for help. At this point of mother hood, I was thinking to myself; I cannot operate like this for the rest of my life! Have any of you experienced the same moment? If so, you know exactly how that feels.


I knew that I needed something; but I did not understand it was okay to ask for help. I was Lereine’s sole care taker at the time, so I assumed that because she was my baby that I could not ask for help. I thought it would be rude or inappropriate.


The same applies in life. GOD gives us our baby and we spend every day trying to nurture it. Sometimes we forget that we need help from him and the village to help us.


One lesson that I learned is that if you need help- ASK. I wanted help, I needed help; but I didn’t ASK for it.  

GOD knows you need help; but he wants you to ask him. The moment I set aside my pride and started asking for help is the moment my life started changing. I encourage you to get out of your own way and ask for exactly what you want or need. Know this- GOD is here to help you! Your help is on the way.


Scripture Reading: Isaiah 41:13 I am the Lord your God; I strengthen you and tell you, Do not be afraid; I will help you.’

Friendly Activity:
The week I want to leave you with an uplifting song! When you are feeling discouraged, are afraid to ask, please listen to the lyrics.  

I know you need help at this stage of your life. When GOD gave you your baby, he knew you would need a little help. When you find rest in him, he will be there to help you.


May you find rest in him!    


Good Night Friend,


Lereca Monik