Set FreeĀ 

The truth will set you free,

Not lies binding your mind by the enemy

Trying to take you out of the plan and purpose

God instilled inside of you at birth,

So do not be lured in by his deception,

Through pain and profound depression,

For you are worth far more than diamonds,

For we are God’s chosen people, the next generation

To birth His truth into this hurt, darkened universe

That He created so we might break the night

With His truth engraved upon our spirit,

Push back the darkness in the name of Jesus-

The One who came so we might be saved

From sin and death, for He loves us, not the sin

We bury ourselves in, as if we are to say He’s not enough,

But He wants you, but won’t push Himself on you,

For He’s a patient God who will wait for you,

But wait no longer to rid yourself of sin,

For we don’t know the number of our days;

Only God knows the end of our story being written

By Him-the greatest poet of all time, for He created

Life inside of us, truth inside His Word

Breathed into every ocean, giving them their depth,

For He is God and there is no other name

By which we might be saved.
             -Bethany Anne