When Your Heart Doesn’t Feel Big Enough 



I found myself feeling alone in the endless chatter banging around in my mind.

After offering help to a loved one, everything turned upside down and I felt defeated.


I felt the sting of pain in my heart. My hope was crushed. Evidently my hope was not the same hope my loved one held for himself. It was out of my control. I wanted so badly to help him, I just couldn’t.


Have you ever felt lost in the circumstances after you tried to help someone in need? Maybe a family member? Friend? Children? The church? Even a stranger?


Some of my greatest experiences have resulted from freely giving of my heart. It has brought joy in abundance, not only for the recipients, but also for me.


However, sometimes giving of my heart has left my heart grieving. I have felt abandoned, as if my heart wasn’t big enough to soak up the pain left in the aftermath. It is especially painful when I dearly love the person who could not, or would not simply receive.


Our relationships were not designed for pain and disconnection.


“In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus. Phil 2:5 NIV


God built us for relationship. It was demonstrated in the humbleness in Jesus. Our hearts were created to love as a reflection of Jesus’s love. It makes sense that affliction comes to the brokenhearted. That our heart would grieve at a lost victory for someone we care about and love. Even in our pain, Jesus is the only answer for what is left unspoken. He is the way to restoration. 

His heart is wider and deeper than the one we have to offer. My hope lies in the lesson that Christ alone is enough and that His perfect love will expand our hearts and richly bless us in the depths we have yet to discover.

~ Baring His Beauty,

       Tiffany Thomas