Big God 

Big hair

Big dreams

Big girls

Big world

Looking through our eyes back then

I swear, I see everything

We would have been

Had we paid the price

Put our time into spirit seed

Sowing prayers

Ushering in our lives

Our destinies

Big God

Big babies

Trying to find our way today

Pulling the weeds

And Filling the cracks

That we’ve allowed from self-centeredness

Feeding our flesh on trash

Reaping the storms of harvest

Lord willing

Lord tarry

We long to be more like You

Please carry us the rest of the way

We are weary on our own

On this road less traveled on

Broken fellowship with Jesus

Lead us Great Shepherd

Let us graze on Your Grace

No tears

No trace

Of the big mess we’ve made

With our lives

Saving ourselves with our big ideas



Lamenting years wasted

On our own doctrines

Deceived and shocked

By realities we’ve digested

Reflected on so long

We must be weaned

From our enemy

So we can be servants

Of the Most High God

And rule this world

For His Majesty

Destroying the unbelief we encounter

Big God

Your heart is what we are after

Following You as Your own shadow

Plantings of the Lord

For the display of Your splendor.

                ~❤️Krystal Lynne