Just Once 


Just this once tell me you’re sorry
Just this time speak my name
With care and tenderness
Softly as if the sound was too precious to hear
I always forgive you even without your asking
Just this once I need the effort made
You picking up the pieces
Your careless words cannot erase
Breaking my trust again so casually
Just this once I need your love
Wrapping your apology around my tender heart
So that the pain will not be able 
To change my memories
Thoughtlessness invading our privacy
Your stubborn silence stealing our intimacy
Just because you’ve turned your back
Just because it’s over
Just because tears stream
Faster than the moments 
Disappearing into years
Just put aside your pride
Tell me that you love me
Try to understand
I’m only human
Not your burnt offering
Just once
Just tonight
Just for life
Treat me as your woman
Not the enemy you seem to see
Just try
Just smile
Just for me
Just once please

          ~❤️Krystal Lynne 

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