Gravitating Depths

He goes before….

You and I step out, into the war grounds

Where we fight not against flesh and blood,

But against the spiritual forces of darkness

He will be with….

You in the storm that tries to pull you down

Into the gravitating depths warring against 

Your soul; He will remind you of His promises

He will never leave….

You, even when all else fades away;

His truth will suffocate all lies and bring

Your dying heart back to life

He will never forsake….

You when death seems like the only way out,

When everyone forgets you, God will not,

For His love will eventually pierce through your night

Do not be afraid….

For He doesn’t give us a spirit of fear,

But of power, love, and a sound mind;

He will smother all fear if you ask and believe

Do not be discouraged….

When you feel like your boat keeps 

Getting wrecked against the rocks;

Trust He knows what He’s doing.


                     ~Bethany Anne 

4 thoughts on “Gravitating Depths

  1. Beautiful and strengthening poem; each line smoothed so smoothly to the next one 🙂
    Happy Easter ( Resurrection Day) ~

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