A Great Question To Ponder 


My dear friend writes this blog and I just love her style.  I also love her really honest truth she shared about what is my response? 

What is our response in these situations? 

Are we watering down God and the Gospel when we aren’t lovingly speaking the hard truths and realities to those we love? 

God calls us to Holy- Not Happy

And as this dear friend also says: “that right there will sing!”
A great question to ponder…..
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            ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

The Purposeful Gift 

Jesus said, “My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.” John 10:10 TLB

I’m not sure about you, but for me, the thought that Jesus came to give me life in ALL ITS FULLNESS, surpasses my ability to understand it, at times. My Spirit seems to comprehend it, but the nature of my flesh can hinder the purpose He intended for my life. I would imagine that I’m not alone.

We live on a planet full of lost souls; people who find themselves mindlessly chasing after anything they believe might be their life’s fulfillment. While in reality, what is being sought, may at best only serve as a substitute for the true fullness we seek.

We chase after so many things, and our denial keeps us constantly searching for more, but each empty search only keep us from the one and only life-filler – Jesus.

Haven’t we all tasted something where satisfaction was only temporary, and the search continued for the next thing? If each of us were to be vulnerable and answer that question honestly, we would have to admit to chasing after something we wish might have been exchanged for His greater purpose. Maybe our attitudes, exposure to evil, sin, experiences, or even some of our thoughts and actions have hindered us from the full life Jesus wanted us to discover. Often we are the ones who limit the greatness of the gift He offers.
Ultimately finding the fullness that He came to give, is only achieved by chasing after Him.

As we sift through the areas of our life which have caused us to settle for something far short of Jesus’ purpose for us; it makes sense that our hearts would have empty places in need of restoration. The wonderful thing is that it’s not too late. Right now, today we can change those questionable areas of our lives. We can open our heart, asking for Him to fill us with more of His spirit.
Jesus has the ability to fill in a way that overflows with abundance. It is a fullness where hunger and thirst is satisfied within the wellspring of Jesus. It is the only place where the hidden holes deep within our soul can be filled.


Please will you join me in prayer?
Lord, I come humbly before you this day, in search of a place to rest in you. I ask that your presence still my weary and empty heart. Where there is a desire to chase after things that have no meaning, fill me with the fullness of your love. Give me an appetite that is hungry for the life you came to fulfill with in me, by your purpose. May your blessings be in abundance. May my heart be filled in all areas which are depleted. May I live life in ALL ITS FULLNESS because it pleases you for my life to reflect your glory. Thank you for this most purposeful gift.


In Jesus name, I pray.

~Baring His Beauty

Tiffany Thomas

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