Pedro’s Place Of Protection 

Ever felt like you have lost your flight? You were crippled with an injury that kept you from flying out your desires and passions. Maybe it is a physical handicap that you have been diagnosed with that has changed your flight pattern and left you feeling stranded with no hope in sight. Or maybe you are dealing with a matter or circumstance that weighs you down and you really just want to wave your white flag of surrender and escape to a deserted rocky island.
Perhaps, you might just want to be left alone to sort through your dilemma or be removed from even the thought of it. 

I discovered this sea gull on a morning walk on vacation in Cancun. 
I walked out to the end of the rocks on the beach and saw this bird from a distance. I can’t tell bird gender so I took a guess. I have a fifty fifty percent chance that I’m right. I named him Pedro. I am in Mexico so it seems fitting. 
Pedro was walking along the rocks with his wing extended out and pointing down to the ground. Keeping his distance from the splashing water on the rocks in the ocean he looked helpless to escape any possible danger that might approach him. 

Of course I felt sorry for him and wondered how he would possibly be able to survive without the capability to fly.  

My sister was with me and noticed he had medical tape on his broken wing. We looked closer and saw that someone had actually put his wing in a splint and straighten the broken wing out for it to heal properly. 

A bird vet must have intervened and came to his rescue!! I thought how amazing is that!! 

There was hope for this little guy after all. 

Somebody took the time and cared. 

Later in the afternoon I returned to the same beach area and noticed pitiful Pedro walking along the beach by the restaurant looking for crumbs that might fly his way in the wind. He stationed himself right by the restaurant porch that overlooked the water and got ready for any possible lunch that might make its way to his spot on the beach. 

Then even later I watched as he lay down right in front of the water taking a bird bath splashing himself with the salt water. It was right where everyone was walking by him. He was resting and watching the sunbathers soaking up the sun. 

Pedro was part of the vacation crew now. He had blended in with the crowd not looking so pitiful but pretty confident that someone would throw him some bread or crumbs. He was making the best of his situation and surviving even without the ability to fly. 

I thought about how my birds eye view has changed about Pedro when I noticed the splint made for his wing. The bonus of being fed by the restaurant guests and his casual walk like he owned this particular section of the beach. Well after all he did own it. 
Pedro’s Place of Protection

He was stuck there until his wing healed and he could fly away. 

He was making the best of his situation and utilizing all the help around him to heal and get better. 

Let’s face it -we need each other!! We were created to be in community not isolated on a rocky island by ourselves. 

Pedro would not have survived if someone didn’t stop and take the time to catch him and tape his wing back so his broken wing could be set straight and get stronger. 

Pedro needed to be located next to people who provided food and shelter. 

Pedro needed to be surrounded by people who would protect him from danger. 

I can’t tell you how many people noticed him and extended food to him or just gave him a word of encouragement.

Especially the little kids!! They were taking up his cause and offered their help. 

We need each other!! Yes, God is quite important in our dilemmas and crises that come our way. But God created us to be His hands and feet that reach out and help those in need. 

God needs us to do our part to reach out to others and for us to ask for help from others. 


   Help me reach out and help those in need. Help me to ask for help from people when I find myself overwhelmed and alone. Stop me from escaping to my little remote island of hopelessness. Thanks for providing me provision along the way while I am waiting at Pedro’s Place of Protection to fly and get back on my feet!!


  Pedro and all my other broken-winged amigos 

Kelley Allison

….it takes a village 

Isaiah 40:31King James Version (KJV)

31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

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