In Secret Places 

We will partake in suffering that comes with the gift of living – even ones that seem kingdom centered will have trials of their own.

The lessons that come with every season is an opportunity for the reformation in our own heart. And the humbleness demonstrated on our knees, becomes the strength that we receive, as we follow through in the direction called out to us.

The vulnerability that is discovered, while in a relationship with our Father, is attributed from the direct path that unites the Creator and ourselves. The message that He gives out of the sacrifice of our pride is replaced with the wisdom that helps us uncover the areas we are depleted in.

When we unwrap the blinded areas of our heart, for the purpose of God’s glory, we find that it is not the struggle that defines the outcome of our path – it is not even the people that get in our way.

What defines the journey is the ultimate discovery of [self] by looking within and seeing God. It is the nourishment that comes with the breath of life [from our Father] as he speaks volumes into our heart. It is a story about love. It is the Father’s mercy and grace that is implanted in our heart, which allows us the ability to conceive the act to believe.

It is a gift to have faith in something far bigger than ourselves. The intention is not to get stuck, part way, in what we cannot see, instead believe in the complementary piece of the movement.

We are to be steadfast as we take in the breath of His Spirit. It is the same Spirit that goes to work on our behalf and by the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. It is the intertwining elements [of all three] that see us through until the end.

The components of nature do not determine our divine validity…. our Father does. Let us not lose sight of the goal ahead. He is counting on our resilience, the same resilience that Jesus lived, even when he knew how his life would end.

Let us draw our eyes above, focusing on the promises that have been cast down upon us. May we find faith in hope for what is planned ahead in the days, weeks, and months ahead. God already knows how it all ends. If he calls, let us have ears that hear, not weakness that easily becomes distracted. Let us be firmly planted in the soil of God’s garden. 

Lord, let it be as YOU said it would be.


Baring His Beauty,

Tiffany Thomas