Stressed To Rest 

Behind the Smile: The 7th Day is The Day of Rest

Thank you for joining me and following my “Behind the Smile” series. I made a conscious decision to share a few things that made me feel guilty, embarrassed, and ashamed. I wanted to be completely freed of those issues. I am so glad that I had the courage to share. I received an overwhelming response from so many people. Many people were able to reach out and say- “Lereca, thank you. I feel that way too, I am struggling with this too, I feel that I can move on now…” 

Honestly the response was so overwhelming that I almost stopped posting after day three. Day three was pivotal. I woke up with extreme anxiety and when 11am hit I was ready to delete the posts. I am so glad I did not delete the post, I think that was the day more people reached and said…me too!  

You guys, we do not have to continue living enslaved to our past. The creator wants us to be free and to have an abundant,prosperous life. We can co-create with him if we surrender. I encourage you today to surrender. HE will not fail you-trust me.

Lastly, I want to thank: 
My family for understanding that I needed to share this information to offer other people hope and to encourage others to realign themselves with GOD. 
My friends-most of you were shocked to learn my truths; and I thank you for your kind words and encouragement.  
My mentors for pushing me to be the best Lereca I can be. Thank you for being there when I wanted to give up.  
My coach Miara Shaw for reminding me that I am capable, prepared, and ready to go to the next level in life.
Team Sprinklisms, for reminding me to launch.  
LeReine for smiling when I was crying, saying affirmations with me, and for your willingness to watch Joel Osteen and TD Jakes instead of cartoons.

Most importantly I thank GOD for showing up so amazing in my life that others will see his greatness. I made it to my 7th day. I am able now to find rest. This is why I smile.~ Lereca Monik

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