Liking To Loving 

Behind the Smile: -My journey on the Road Less Traveled

Have any of you had that moment in life in which you were forced to look in the mirror? Have any of you experienced a situation in which you know the CREATOR was calling?  

Well I have. When I became a mother, I was forced to look in the mirror. I LIKED the image that was looking back at me; but I didn’t LOVE the image that was looking back at me. My smile was pretty; but I knew there was something else. God was clearly calling…

So guess what? I began my journey on the “Road Less Traveled”. Something needed to change. I aligned myself with GOD and…

#1- I had to DISCOVER the root of the issues. I learned about what was holding me back. I had to go back to unresolved issues in my childhood. The things I did not want to relive. However, I had to discover the problem in order to find the solution.  

#2-I had to UNCOVER my issues- It was time for me to be transparent. I was ashamed, I felt guilty, and I was embarrassed about my issues. I wrote about them so that I could release them. 

#3- I had to RECOVER his promise- I knew I was destined for greatness so I had to recover what the enemy was trying to steal from me. This was my season of reclaiming my purpose; it was also a season of pruning.  

#4-I had to COVER myself with new thoughts and new habits. This meant that I had to get serious about affirming GOD’s greatness in my life. Affirmations are posted all over my wall. The major shift occurred when I got serious about fasting. I gave up some things so that HE could use me to go up.  

In essence, we might not understand why we were dealt a certain hand…within us is the power to change our lives. 

It’s our job to align ourselves with GOD and let him help us DISCOVER, UNCOVER, RECOVER and COVER our lives. We were all born for GREATNESS. I am so grateful for all of my experiences. GOD gave me LeReine- so that I could learn to love it all! This is WHY I smile.

                   ~Lereca Monik 

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Your Treasured Pool 

God, Almighty!  

Father of heaven and earth!  

Hear my cry!  

Allow me to walk on these raging waves!  

Help me to keep my eyes upon You!  

Lest I begin to sink!  

Blind me from the storm that threatens to consume me!  

Keep hold of my right hand, and lift me to rise above that which desires to kill me!  

No tear have I ever shed that You do not hold! Take these tears of today and add to Your treasured pool!  

Dry my eyes with the tissue of Your love!

 Envelop me with Your mercy!  

Your grace!  

Your peace!  

Never have You forsaken me, and never shall You!   

Thank You, Lord!  

I receive and stand on Your everlasting promise to turn all things for good!  

Surely, this moment, too, shall pass and be yet another testament to just exactly WHO YOU ARE!  

All shall see!  

All shall bend the knee!  


❤️~ Stephanie Gable