Stars In The Night 

Struggles and pain cannot define me,

For my name is daughter of the King,

Chosen one of God to become His

Warrior, fighting for a cause greater 

Than life can fathom in their minds,

To contemplate, yet not understand

The brilliance of the Creator of time,

Transforming the renewing of our minds,

Into stars in the night sky, reflecting Him

Who has called us out of the darkness

To become like the source of light-our life,

For He is here; He sees us in our pain

And waits for us to become receptive 

To the calling He has on our lives,

And He will wait, for He’s a patient God

Who’s sewn our beings together in His image,

Marked out for us- our plan and purpose 

Before our physical hearts beat against flesh,

Underneath our skin, inside His universe,

Which He created so we might influence it,

Allowing the lost to see His light in us,

The One who has called us to be like Him,

Not of the world, for we are a chosen generation,

Sons and daughters of the King who reigns 

Over sin and darkness, death and Satan’s schemes;

He waits for us to take position in the war 

Grounds of our soul, fighting against darkness,

Pushing it back in the name of Jesus, the One 

Who came so that we might be saved through grace,

Not works, lest anyone should boast.

            ~Bethany Anne

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