Cursed To Cause 

I Spent Days in the Crack House.

I can remember what the crack house smells like. I can remember what it looks like. I spent time there because my mom was what most people would consider a CRACK HEAD. When your mother is a drug addict if you have a younger siblings you become the parent at a very early age.  

When your mother is a drug addict you long for her love and you often get angry at her because she can’t love you back. When your mother is a drug addict you tell other people that she can’t come around because she’s working- when in fact she doesn’t really have a job. When your mothers a drug addict you blame yourself for her short falls. When your mother is a drug addict you live in fear wondering if you will become a drug addict too.

You see I lost my mother to drugs my 2nd semester in college. I asked GOD why…why did he give me those cards? Why was my mother a drug addict? Why did she die? 

He made this very clear… She was the medium that he used to get me to earth. I said okay GOD; but why did you take her from me. He said “Lereca if you experience a loss, just know I will bless you with something greater!” My latter will be greater! I receive it! 

GOD knew I would be willing to share my story/ her story. I am freed from the bondage that I experienced from not having my biological mother. Hopefully this story will offer freedom to someone else. 

God is humorous. He blessed me with my mom’s greatest assets: her ability to tell stories and her smile.    

What one might have considered my CURSE is now my CAUSE. This is why I smile. I learned to LOVE me…all of me. ~Lereca Monik 

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3 thoughts on “Cursed To Cause 

  1. These words are so powerful, I felt every single word. Thank you for sharing this story, this just shows you that anyone can overcome anything.. we just have to open our minds to it. You are a living definition of always seeing the good in a bad situation. Continue to share your story, you will help many people. Xx Love
    -Dionne MT-
    Breathe Think Write Release

  2. Dionne, thank you very much. I am glad that I had the courage to share this with other people. I am truly thankful all of it. Enjoy your day!

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