God’s been asking me to come and be in His presence a lot lately.  

I’ve seen the word “come” so frequently in scripture, songs, my devotional and in my notes so much lately that I just can’t ignore it. 

I’m reminded how much God wants to have an intimate relationship with us. He calls us by name! 

This song “Come Like The Wind” grabs me because it talks about how much WE want the Lord to COME TO US. 
See Lyrics below:


Anyway you want to show up God!  
Just come on! 

Can I reassure you that God always makes a way to connect with us, to show up.  

He comes in whatever way we need Him because He knows what we need. 

He knows our deepest desires.  

He created us with our heart’s deepest longing to be in a intimate relationship with Him. 

Once we realize this and declare it, there is such a peace and so much freedom because we can always seek Him knowing He will never leave us nor forsake us. 

Let this song remind you of your true desire for Him and make it your declaration that whatever way He reveals Himself to you that you will take it! 

      ~Stephanie Wanic
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