We all have issues. 

 We all can think at times we can handle them on our own. Sometimes shame keeps us hiding our issues afraid they are just too bad to mention. 

 Maybe it is a trust issue? We don’t know who to trust? 
So our issues stick around day after day- month after month and soon it is year after year and the issues are still there.   

Just like the woman with the blood issue for years. What was her turning point? Her defining moment when she had had enough and was determined no matter the cost- no matter the risk -she was going to see Jesus?
Did she get overwhelmed by the crowds and want to give up and go on back home? 


She pressed in, she got low, she even had to crawl, but she surrendered all fear and doubt. She was almost crushed by the weight of the crowd pressing in on top and all around her, but she had faith and hope that strengthened her every step to believe without a doubt that if she simply just extended her arm to touch even Jesus’ garment, she would be healed. Did she have a few failed attempts that came up short before she finally got a piece of Jesus’ robe? What made her keep pressing on?
She knew Jesus was the Only Power that could make her whole again. She was tired of hiding in shame. She was ready for a new season. She was ready to stand tall and get back in the game of life. She was ready for the bleeding to STOP!  

So today if this is you; REACH

No matter what your issues are- REACH! 

REACH out and touch Jesus. Only He can make you well, healed, and whole. He is worth the risk. He is always trustworthy. Live well, live blessed! 

                         ~XXOO Michelle Bollom                     

Jesus said, “Daughter, you took a risk trusting me, and now you’re healed and whole. Live well, live blessed!” ~Luke 8:48 MSG 

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