A Love Story 

Lady looking lonely

Shame surrounding her eyes

People whisper of her

Telling rumors, adding lies

Point their righteous fingers

A whore she is they say

Stone her with their words of hate

He loves her anyway

Silence overtakes the room

His words of truth prevail

Forgiveness comes from Jesus

Precious hands pierced by our nails

People walk away in awe

Still not believing the love He bore

Their blindness reaches their hearts of ice 

He loves them still the more

Tears fall from her face

She looks upon His smile

Words can’t tell her story

He never ask us why

Sin no more and follow Me

He says unto her heart

Today she is as pure as snow

Yet, He loved her from the start

Jesus stands before you now

He offers life once more

His love can heal your yesterday’s

Your sins have all been borne

            ~❤️Krystal Lynne 

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