Good Good Father 

As a child I was raised with a father who was a challenge to deal with most of the time. He was emotionally unavailable and abusive in many ways. As an adult, I have come to realize that he did the best his coping skills would allow him to do. He met our family’s financial needs and attended every sporting event, even though at times the sporting event attendance came with a public yelling and dressing down about some failure on the basketball court or at a swim meet.  

Tears were plentiful in my childhood.

As a young adult I struggled with who my other father was…my Heavenly Father. I was raised to believe that He was some old guy in the sky who expected me to be flawless before I came before Him. That I was marked for death and not life in Him. That I was something He was ashamed of due to a life of failure and sin. Much like my impression of my earthly father….I walked outside of a relationship covered in shame.

I don’t remember when or how, but in my 20’s I started to see God as more than some angry god in the sky. I think He started to change my eyes for myself and gave me His eyes. I started to see how much He loved me. How He was passionate about me and how He just wanted a relationship with me and I could come just as I am. He wanted to bring me closer to Him so that He could heal those father wounds in my heart. He wanted to be my good, good Father.

Over the past 20 years, my relationship with God has grown and struggled at times, but He has always been there pursuing my heart. Telling me to bring to Him my brokenness so that He can show me what kind of healer He is and how He wanted to be a Father who gives me miraculous gifts. And so, I put my hand in His and walk in His love and His promise that He will always be there with me.  

         ~Amy Tippins-Thorne 

A Love Story 

Lady looking lonely

Shame surrounding her eyes

People whisper of her

Telling rumors, adding lies

Point their righteous fingers

A whore she is they say

Stone her with their words of hate

He loves her anyway

Silence overtakes the room

His words of truth prevail

Forgiveness comes from Jesus

Precious hands pierced by our nails

People walk away in awe

Still not believing the love He bore

Their blindness reaches their hearts of ice 

He loves them still the more

Tears fall from her face

She looks upon His smile

Words can’t tell her story

He never ask us why

Sin no more and follow Me

He says unto her heart

Today she is as pure as snow

Yet, He loved her from the start

Jesus stands before you now

He offers life once more

His love can heal your yesterday’s

Your sins have all been borne

            ~❤️Krystal Lynne