The Weight Of The World 

You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy, that I might sing praises to you and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever! ~Psalm 30:11-12

Life never fails in it’s ability to create unending cycles of events and experiences. It still amazes me in it’s elegant beauty, but also in it’s crushing tragedies.

Today, I find myself experiencing the richness of life, having just swam in warm tropical waters while on vacation. However, my thoughts were also confronted with another season of life which will leave me brokenhearted and in pain.

Recently, I have received news of a loved one. News…I’d rather hide and deny of it’s coming. When you love someone it is very hard not to think they are invincible. Life can impose implacable timing.

I have discovered that life never seems to leave anyone out. No matter what the person’s background, social platform, ethnicity, economic lifestyle, or talent is, life delivers it’s extremes to everyone. It does not pick or choose who will experience the various elements it offers.

The very moment I find myself comfortable in a season, content with life, a storm is stirring behind the scenes, undetectable. It is preparing a season that will leave me sifting through the destruction and devastation that will be left. As is life, it does not stop. There will be new creation and the next season of growth and restoration.

Even still, it is my flesh that can not comprehend the emptiness my heart endures when it comes to the loss of those I have loved deeply….The whisper within, tells me I’m not supposed to. I have experienced enough loss of loved ones to understand that we all have a lifespan numbered by our Father. So, how is it that my flesh will, again, battle what it already knows?

When life consists of a fallen sense of purpose, it is impossible to understand, at times. Somehow, what is at hand, is followed through with intentional determination, whether I want it to, or I don’t.

I am starting to openly understand that life is a place I exist, with an inability to control its direction, and where my expectations, simply will never be met. Yet, I find myself with two choices. I can get caught up and be imprisoned by the things that are simply out of my control, or I can experience all that it has to give. 

My hope is to choose to live this beautiful life with purpose.

     ~Baring His Beauty,

        Tiffany Thomas 

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