Good Night Mom 

Last year many of you followed my “I DARE YOU!” series. Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and going on that journey with me. The “I DARE YOU” season for me was GOD’s way of asking me to place him at the center of my life. The beautiful thing about the series was that I was given a platform to pour into all of you as well. 

 My life was transformed; and I was able to break free from the many chains that were keeping me in bondage. I boldly say…I am truly blessed!

Quick Question:

Has GOD ever had to allow things in your life to happen so that you can focus all of your attention on him? Have you experienced pain so deeply that you wanted to die; but GOD offered you a little glimpse of hope and life, leading to your decision to choose life? Has your life been totally disrupted, and you are currently struggling trying to find the pieces to help put your life back together again?

I have been there too. It was two years and four months ago on August 26, 2013. That was the day GOD totally disrupted my life! That’s the day that GOD said enough and I was blessed to birth a beautiful baby girl named, Lereine Mari-lyne Coxeff. 

You see giving birth to my daughter was more than becoming a new mom. GOD later revealed to me that my journey to becoming a mother would also be my journey to doing his work. Little did I know, my disruptive phase would become my instructive phase. I needed to be pruned from my old ways, old habits, old thoughts, old people, etc. This was all orchestrated to replace all old things with something new. 

I became a NEW me! I am now the same person, with a different platform. During my first year as a new mother, I was stretched in so many ways and I was forced to move completely out of my comfort zone.   
God was clear that this would be a season of:

· Re-alignment (I needed to realign myself with the word)

· Re-evaluation (I needed to reevaluate myself and my life)

· Re-commitment (I needed to recommit myself to GOD’s promise for my life)

· Re-assessment (I needed to reassess my relationships)

My journey into motherhood helped me develop this series called “GOOD Night MOM.” Good night mom is a weekly series that will offer support, encourage growth, and create a platform for others to share their experiences after giving birth to something. I will use my experiences as a new mother to offer a message to my readers and followers. Each week will include a tip, a story, a scripture, and a discovery question.         

I look forward to taking this journey with you. My only hope is that you will learn how to rest in the lord. 


Good Night Mom,


Lereca Monik

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