I Can And I Will 


I can and I will….

Stand and fight for those who do not know Him,

Living out my life as a reflection of Jesus Christ,

The one who freed us from slavery, death

And darkness that once lingered within our numb souls

That is now awakened in His eternal promises


I can and I will...


Speak out for those who are voiceless yet long to be heard;

I no longer care what the world thinks, for my fight is not

Against flesh and blood, but against the one who comes

To steal, kill, and destroy that which God is calling me into-

His plan and purpose for my life that will bring glory to His name


I can and I will….


Forgive as Christ forgave me, in my sin and rebellion;

Bleed a tongue of prayers raised to my heavenly Father,

Accept His will for my life, whatever it may be,

For I no longer desire what I want, but what He does

With the life He gave to me, I now give it to Him as a sacrifice


I can’t and I won’t….


Again believe the lies that I once accepted as truth,

Allowing darkness to rob me of the life given to me at birth,

For He’s calling me into the war grounds of this soul

Beating now in rhythms of perfection He’s orchestrated

Into my being, as an instrument being played by the Creator


I can and I will….


Keep fighting the good fight for my good Father

Who has saved my life from bondage in darkness

And freed my soul, breathing into its ocean,

Giving me the depth of understanding He’s entrusted to me,

For without Him, I wouldn’t exist, therefore, I am His

           ~Bethany Anne