From A Distance 

“And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the spirit.” 2nd Corinthians 3:18 NIV

Recently, I was headed to an appointment. From a distance, I could see one parking spot left where I was headed. So, I quickly drove straight for it. This day was vibrant and beautiful, because the gloomy clouds had positioned themselves to pass, so the sun could make itself known. But I had been pretty caught up in the things I had to get done, so I hadn’t given enough attention to take a quick notice.

Before I got to the parking spot, my heart suddenly was flooded with fear and anxiety. I hadn’t noticed a man who decided to take a short cut across the street, right in front of my car. It took me off guard because the angle of the sunshine temporarily blinded me and I could not see.

Before I could grab ahold of my senses, the man had jumped out in front of my car, and quickly crossed the street. I think he might have been a little scared, too.

While I sat for a few moments collecting my thoughts, to no surprise the enemy was right there to fill my mind with lies and untruth. After my fear settled, I decided to take his lies captive, and found myself arriving in a place of thanksgiving.

Even so, I became quickly convicted. Yes, I could have seriously harmed this man, but equally because I had neglected to give God the full focus of my heart.

I had become temporarily blinded by the busyness of life, my wants, my needs, my choices, and my will.

God reminded me that my unwillingness to be guided was not an excuse to be blinded by removing “my glasses.” Nothing should come to blur or color-coat my vision. When I’m completely focused, with my eyes upon the Lord, my heart becomes open to His perfect vision, and perceptions.

He is the gift of sight, and He is always available for anyone who desires to see things more clearly.

Many times, I’ve been blinded by a selfish heart…..more times than I would like to admit. This day, God reminded me of the blind spots that slowly come to settle in our hearts. With time, we get accustomed to the view, and are blinded from seeing His purpose for our life. We get caught and bound to a vision that is skewed.

A heart that can only see far away, or right up close, is missing out on the fullness that was created, in perfection. Getting lost becomes easy, but finding our way back can be more difficult.

God wants us to see all the opportunities he places before us. He wants us to see him, so we might see ourselves from the viewpoint where he stands. He wants us to see ourselves in Him, so that others can see Him, in us. That is the reflection of a clear view, His beauty made in everything.

My friend, may you look for Him this week, in everything. May you see through the same eyes, in which he sees you.

Join me next Tuesday. May you be blessed.

Baring His Beauty,

      ~Tiffany Thomas