It’s All Good 

This morning as I was unpacking my verse, I was also multi-tasking.

 I texted my twins to apologize for being naggy.

 My husband is on vacation and has thrown our normal routines off. 

 I was griping and short and just being a real nag. 

 God quickly dealt with me and said to apologize so I sent the text. My daughter quickly replied: 

It’s all good love you😘
She even sent me a kiss emoticon.
I returned to my verse unpacking and this is what it said: 
 “All right,” Hezekiah replied. “Whatever the Lord says is good. At least there will be peace during my lifetime!” ~Isaiah 39:8 

Isn’t that the truth!  

Whatever the Lord tells us to do, it is good. It may not feel good, or be the popular thing to do, it might require swallowing our pride and humbly obeying God, but in the end it is all good.  

And just like Hezekiah, there will be peace during our lifetime! 

So make that call and reach out and apologize to someone that you know the Lord has asked you to. It will bring peace and restoration. 

                          ~XXOO Michelle Bollom