O Mighty Ones 

The album The River Is Rising by Ramp Worship featuring Catherine Mullins is my newest favorite!   
I have been a Catherine Mullins fan for awhile but I have now moved into Super Fan Status.  

O Mighty Ones has been on my repeat lately so I am featuring it for today’s Song Sunday. 
The video below will have the lyrics on the video since I could not find the complete lyrics posted anywhere. 
Caution alert: you will not be able to sit still! 
Get ready to start your own Dance Party, Praise Party- whatever the party …because you will surely get your Praise On O Mighty Ones with this song! ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Why Bloggers Blog: The Power of Connecting


I love this blog and it is so true.  Please go follow Dream Big Dream Often.   He has a great blog and is all about helping to promote and encourage others.  You will be blessed! 
Happy Connecting!  XXOO Michelle Bollom 
Why do we blog?  The answers to this question vary greatly.  If I were to ask 1,000 bloggers why they spend countless hours writing and networking for little to no money, I would receive 1,001 different answers. Many write to express themselves.  Some write to relieve the pain of an emotional scar.  A few blog […]