Need A Light 

Feel like you are barely flickering? 

 Or are you burning your candle at both ends too quickly? 

Maybe your light has gone out and you need a light?  

Mine seems to barely flicker right now! 

I have hit a plateau and today is day 32 of my fasting experience. I am growing a little weary.  

This morning I read this verse:

Psalm 36:9 

For you are the Fountain of life; our light is from Your light. 

I was encouraged to know that my light is from His light so when I am barely flickering or have gone out, I simply have to go to God and let Him know I need a light! 

Lord, help me finish strong. I have just a few weeks left and I know You are the fountain of life, so pour into me. Fill me up and keep my light shining bright. Reignite the passion and perseverance for me and this fast. Thank You for Your word. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit that helps me in all areas.   Thank You that my light comes from Your light. 

                 ~XXOO Michelle Bollom