Whistle While He Works 

Imagine waking up each morning and having a group of 7 little dwarfs sitting at the foot of your bed eagerly awaiting to know what they can help you with today.  

Whatever it is, they are all joyfully singing and whistling; determined to getting things done.  

This morning on day 27 of my fasting experience, that was the image I got.   

My two verses today spoke of singing and the works of the Lord, so I instantly thought about the 7 dwarfs and the phrase “whistle while we work” ….

But the Lord quickly said, 

No, “Whistle while He works.” 

Instead of relying on sneezy, dopy, bashful, doc, happy, grumpy, sleepy…which is only in the fairytales; How about waking up each day relying on comforter, helper, healer, peace, advocate, counselor, savior; (My top 7 just for today) always readily available to help work all things out for our good. 

In the heat of any battle, He is not only our strength and song ensuring our victory, but He is also an endless list, not limited to just 7, of whatever we need at any given moment.   

Even on the really hard stuff, He is right there. When you don’t feel like you can sing and rejoice or praise Him, you can simply just whistle while He works on your behalf.  

A whistle is like the simple prayer of “Help” or a quiet “Thank You”. Even if you can’t get your whistle to come out just right, the slightest little breath is always enough. 

Lord, remind me to call on You each morning to help me go about my day.  Help me to remember to sing of Your faithfulness and rejoice in Your marvelous compassion.  Even if somedays I can’t sing the full song, help me to simply “whistle” while You work on my behalf. Thank You for being everything I need. 
                    ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Psalm 92:4 For You, O Lord, have made me glad by Your works; At the works of Your hands I joyfully sing. AMP

Psalm 118:14 He is my strength and song in the heat of battle, and now he has given me the victory. ~TLB 

It is necessary to offer praise to God for all that He has done for us. Part of our offering should be a declaration of God’s marvelous compassion and His unceasing goodness to us. He truly is the one who brings abiding joy to our life. As we experience His faithfulness in our life, praise and thanks should be our natural response. Our prayers will serve as a declaration to others of God’s power to deliver us from the bondage of addictions.~Life Recovery Bible