What’s Your Story

Do you share your story? 

You know the story of how God has saved you. The story of where you’ve been and thankfully where God is taking you. The stories that once brought you much shame and heartbreak. 

Some of us have many stories, and we know them so well. When we think upon them we get emotional. Well, have you shared that? 

Have you released the power and freedom that comes with telling people what God has done in your life?

There is so much to my story; so many ways God has shown up for me. He’s protected me time and time again from my poor choices or blessed me in ways I didn’t deserve. 

Winning Miss Texas USA; restoring my marriage, kicking alcohol to the curb, and blessing me with the richest friendships are just the highlights of my crazy story. 

If you looked at me and even the pictures I put on social media, like so many of us do, you may not believe that my story was once filled with shame, despair and turmoil. All of this brought on by sexual abuse, promiscuity, insecurity, lies and bad choices. 

If I didn’t share these stories with people who are hurting or need to hear someone say “That’s happened to me, I’ve done that, there’s a way out; they wouldn’t serve the greater purpose God had for all of it. 

I no longer carry the shame of those stories. I have released that shame and have been able to turn it into empathy and grace for others and even myself. 

I’ve only been able to do that by giving it all to Jesus; each part of my story every time I have needed to. 

Every time I’ve struggled with something I’ve had to ask God to help me. I have had to surrender to the fact that on my own I mess things up. I have to surrender to the fact that I will make mistakes, but God can use anything I give Him for my ultimate good and His glory. 

Let me encourage you to be courageous in sharing your story. Let me encourage you to lose shame and share victory with others. Let me encourage you to get vulnerable. 
I assure you that you are not alone in your struggle. You are not alone in your victory either because we all need to hear each other’s stories. 

Enjoy this beautiful song about sharing our stories. 

The grace that is greater than all my sin.

                 ~Stephanie Wanic 

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