Get Lit 

Are you finding it hard to get into the Word of God lately?? Are you too busy or just not able to keep your attention fully on daily Bible reading?

It is my experience and understanding that different versions serve different occasions. 

For example, 

I memorize the King James Version because it’s most familiar to me growing up. I do not read it daily because it is too formal and difficult to understand. However; if I set out to study a particular passage then I might use several different versions. I could also add a dictionary and reliable commentaries to help me accomplish that goal. 

Let’s get real and into my personal space of confession. 

I have always struggled with making time each day to read the Word and really mediating on it over and over. 

Well help is on the way!!

At least for me and my style of reading anyway!! It is different strokes for different folks. 

I discovered……

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