Becoming Altar’D

During my fasting experience I am also doing a study by Jennifer Kennedy Dean called “Altar’d”.
The subtitle is “40 Days of Transformation- Experience The Power of Resurrection.”

Today as I was unpacking my many verses, the one that I felt most stirred and excited over was:
And the Spirit of the Lord began to excite him …. ~Judges 13:25 TLB 

I had been conversing with a friend about the study and our season we both were in.  I described it as sort of a cocoon state before the butterfly is ready to break out and fly again. 

I couldn’t help but really think that like Solomon in the verse above, the Spirit is really exciting me. Since studying about denying my flesh and living in the Spirit to become Altar’d, I am really super duper excited.
  (picture a crazy happy dance inserted here) 

When the cloud of stinking thinking is removed and the bondage to food is removed and my flesh is learning not to respond but instead choosing the Spirit response, it is just amazing to me how so many things become clearer. Things begin to just flow instead of feeling forced.  Like the butterfly, the caterpillar’s life is taking shape and being transformed. 

It feels great to be in rhythm with the Holy Spirit.   
May we all be stirred and excited by the Spirit!    

                        ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

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