Thank You 

Oh how I thank You for understanding our fleshly abilities, failures and weaknesses. You the high Exalted One are not impressed with the positions people hold. You show no personal favoritism. You have no regards for any; the rich, the poor, the famous or unknown, high rank or low rank, handsome or homely, for any race or culture above any other. 

You have regard for all who are humble in heart. Thank You Lord for not looking at our human qualifications. You Lord use people who the world calls foolish and weak, poor and insufficient, and You oppose those who exalt themselves. You exalt those who humble themselves by freely giving them Your gift of grace. You are full of mercy and compassion towards us. You know our limitations and You understand that we are dust. We praise You Lord for You are greater than our failures. 

You are my potter. You’re able to mold and remold me. You are the Master artist. You are able to take the darkness out of my life, my wounds, my scars, my sins and blend them into your beautiful light. I praise You for Your grace. My every victory and accomplishment comes from Your all prevailing power and not from me. 

God, rich in mercy, Thank You for Your great love. You loved us, even when we were dead in sins, and have quickened us together with Christ. You saved us and have raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.  

Thank You that You have given us everlasting consolation and good Hope through Your grace, You comfort our hearts and establish us in Your every good word and work. 

Thank You for this beautiful day that once again You have gifted us all with. Fill our heart with gratitude for all You do for us. Speak to us Lord on this day, guiding, guarding and providing because we trust in You and You alone. 
                            ~Michelle Smith 



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