A Carefree Resting Place 

Then my people will live in a peaceful dwelling,in secure homes, in carefree resting places. ~ Isaiah 32:18 

Carefree Resting Places
How can I find one of those places? 
Carefree and resting…..

This seems about as obtainable as visiting an all inclusive spa getaway about right now, or the Land of Oz or Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. I don’t see any of that happening. I don’t even think a place like that exists.  

Yesterday, I showed my ugly side to my kiddos. I let several things steal my peace and was just raging mad about a few things. I clearly kept hearing the Lord say- Take it to Prayer.   
But I kept going on and on and we were butting heads and I was leaving no room for any discussion because I would not listen and I even pulled the trump card of – I am the parent here and I can force yada yada yada ……
Then again the Lord said- Take it to Prayer! 

Finally after about 3/4 times. I finally shut up, apologized, and said…. Let’s pray.  

Instantly Peace. Instantly all the cares I was stressing or worrying over melted away. Instantly I felt calmer. I continued to pray and when I went to bed, I slept amazing last night! 

Not one of the cares of the day that got me all riled up kept me up and restless.  

When I read this verse today and felt like it was in no way obtainable, I felt the Lord speak to me and say- 
How can you say you do not feel like it is a obtainable place when I took you there last night once you shut up and obeyed Me and stopped raging and arguing and stressing and instead took it to Me in prayer? 

Yes, Lord, You are so right…. 

Anything that has us stirred up and crazy should be immediately taken to God in prayer. That is the key to remaining in a carefree resting place. 

Lord, forgive me for raging on in my flesh when You clearly spoke to my Spirit to take every thing to You first in prayer. Help me to be a better example to my children. Help me to make You my first resource and prayer my first reaction to every situation that leaves me unsettled or confused or hurt or disappointed. Thank You for grace and mercy and not letting me continue to disobey You. I want to always be in the carefree resting place of Your presence. Help me Lord. In Jesus’ Name. Amen
                  ~XXOO Michelle Bollom