My Abba Restores Me 

And I cry out to the Lord and He hears my petition…and He rescues me.

Oh, how life can sometimes be what you don’t want it to be!

My life is amazing. God has blessed me beyond measure, but not in the ways I would have requested. When I was 17 years old I had a liver transplant which has left me infertile. My earthly father has inflicted (intentionally at times) more hurt than love in my life. My future husband comes with his fair share of baggage…and then some that brings with it the gift of pain from his past.

My Abba restores me.  

I had a liver transplant and now I have the chance to use my story of redemption to impact other’s to tell their stories.

My heavenly father has been more than sufficient to heal the wounds of my earthly dad….and He is still healing those wounds. Abba Father is helping me come to terms with the fact that I can’t change my Beloved’s past…

I can only pray my way through it.

When the dark days and sadness come, I feel Him calling me deeper and deeper into relationship with Him. In the darkness, He calls me to sit upon His lap and cry while He speaks to my heart His love. He restores my soul and sustains me through the pain.

Oh, how I wish things were different at times…and yet, I love exactly how my life has unfolded. He is a Good, Good Father. ~Amy T.