An Overload Of Downloads 

Today is my 8th day of the fasting experience.

Today was also weigh in day. I am happy to report that I am -7 lbs. I was a little discouraged because it was very hard and I was really wanting to pull a double digit on the scale, but as I went to the Lord with my feelings, I felt the verse “don’t grow weary in well doing” settle in my spirit. I knew later I would look up that for verse reference, as well as (5) other verses I had received from my waking times or dreams. It was going to be a full day of unpacking but first I was off to church. 

During the message my pastor referenced my first verse! I did not even have to look it up! Confirmation! 
Let us not grow weary in well doing, for in due time we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up.~ Galatians 6:9 The Berean Study Bible 
I was so excited. I also thought, ok no need to unpack the others this must be the one for today so I thought I had my 8 for 8 download and I was done.

Below is the notes in the Life Recovery Bible for Galatians 6:9:
Paul left an important reminder for us all. We will always reap what we have sown. In other words, sins and addictions have painful consequences. We might be able to fool ourselves for a while into thinking that certain activities in relationships are all right. But when the consequences catch up with us, there will be no denying the facts. We need to take this warning seriously and take steps to change now. We don’t have to wait to hit bottom before we act. Using God’s word as a measuring stick, we can take a fearless moral inventory and make the necessary adjustments before it’s too late. ~Life Recovery Bible 
But not so fast…..
When I got home I felt led to start to unpack the other verses. Right away I knew with each one that it was going to be a significant download and confirmation party. 
So today an overload of downloads came rushing in from all the verses. (6) in total. 

The 2nd verse:
But the world must know that I love the Father. So I do exactly what the Father told me to do.

“Come now, let’s go.” ~ John 14:31 ERV 
I did what the Lord told me to do. I was obedient and it bore fruit! 
Come now let’s go….to the next verse 

I made sure the altar was supplied with the offering of wood and the offerings of firstfruits, too—each at the right time.

Nehemiah: O God—my God—remember me with favor. ~ Nehemiah 13:31 The VOICE 
Nehemiah was a great rebuilder. He reconstructed the wall of Jerusalem. He helped the people to rebuild their broken lives. There is no question that God gave credit to his good and faithful servant! And God will honor our attempts to rebuild, too. We also will experience God’s kindness in our life. ~Life Recovery Bible 

I understood this verse, and from a conversation at church when giving an offering of my kiddos first fruits from their babysitting money and how years ago we instilled in our children the importance of taking 10 % off every dollar they earn, be it Christmas, birthday, dog sitting or babysitting. 10% goes back to the Lord. So today they turned in an offering from all their first fruits within the last month. Then the LRB notes are what solidified the download for me. 

 Today was a day of so many confirmations.  

A woman approached me and said how much she loves the Restored Ministries Facebook page and blog. Just like Nehemiah helped rebuild broken lives, that is our mission for Restored Ministries. I thanked her and thanked God now for confirming I was in His will.
The 4th verse was:
Arise [from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you—rise to a new life]! Shine (be radiant with the glory of the Lord), for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!~ Isaiah 60:1 AMPC 
Gods people are called to let their light shine to the nations. God’s desire is to transform all of us and then to use us to bring his truth to others. ~Life Recovery Bible 
The LRB again confirmed what God has placed on my heart. Real People Real Stories Real Healing. Sharing His transformational truths with others. When we share our stories we repair our stories. Living Restored, mind, body and soul. Everyone has a restoration story. 

Then the 5th verse was: 
And His gifts were [varied; He Himself appointed and gave men to us] some to be apostles (special messengers), some prophets (inspired preachers and expounders), some evangelists (preachers of the Gospel, traveling missionaries), some pastors (shepherds of His flock) and teachers.~ Ephesians 4:11 AMPC 
We have been gifted in ways that make us necessary to others. Others have been gifted in ways that make them necessary to us. Some of us have special gifts for teaching others about God. Others of us may have the gift of caring for hurting people. Whatever gifts we might have, they are important for the emotional and spiritual growth of others. Since God has a purpose for each of us, it is important that we strive to know him better through prayer and meditation on His word. As we seek him, he will show us what our gifts are and how we can use them to help others. As we share our gifts and receive the benefits of other peoples gifts, we will find the body of Christ growing stronger and healthier. ~Life Recovery Bible 

I have had quite a few people in the last week tell me that they were thankful for my gifts. Exhortation, helping others, teaching, bringing them a word in due season. So I knew this verse and LRB notes were confirming all that. A word caught my eye and so I looked up expounder– I again laughed and thanked God for making me an expounder! I never want to leave a detail out when I tell a story. I can be long winded for sure! Learning that actually can be a gift is good news for me! It also is a person who actively supports or favors a cause, which again full circle confirmation on Restored Ministries Mission. 
Expounder- explain in detail; elucidate: 

a person who actively supports or favors a cause. 

Then the final and 6th verse was:
Oh, come back to God. Live by the principles of love and justice, and always be expecting much from Him, your God. Hosea 12:6 TLB 
God asks His people to love Him by loving others. It is only through God that we will treat others as God would have them treated. ~Life Recovery Bible 
It was a total confirmation to me about giving up the idol of food or other things and coming back full force to all things of God. Don’t limit God, expect much from Him.  
When we love others, even those hard to love, those that reject you and can’t even give you a warm smile back or acknowledge you, or support what you have been called to do, you just ask God to help you love them and show you what He loves about them. As we grow in love for God we naturally grow in love for others too. 

So for my overload of downloads here is the recap:
Keep going, don’t grow weary in well doing, don’t give up. 
Keep being obedient, it bears fruit and unlocks blessings. 
Give God the first fruits of everything. Keep helping to reach people with the message of Jesus and how He restores and rebuild lives. 
Keep shining- shine your Light. God is transforming you so you can share with others His transformational truths. Keep paying it forward.
Keep studying and learning to know God deeper. Share your gifts and embrace others gifts. We all need each other to grow healthier and stronger. Stay in community, stay connected. Keep teaching, preaching, sharing messages, introducing people to Jesus and expounding on all the goodness of God. 
And bring it all back to square one-
Love God 

Love Others 

                     ~XXOO Michelle Bollom