Forgetting Those Things 

First and foremost 

I am a believer

Forward march

Christ like soldier

Alive unto God and His righteousness

Receiver of His tender mercies

That endure forever


Father help me to forget

Those things that weigh me down

Trying to keep my mind on myself

My past and foolishness

Forgiveness be my battle call

Offering His precious blood

To all who will heed


Living spirit of the chosen one

Strong arm of the Lord is still

Preaching, teaching, reaching 

Rescuing all lost souls

Who long to dwell in safety

Under the shadow of His wings

Tripping and entangled in my youth

Tormented by truths of my yesterday’s

I ache 

Ignoring the call

To fall down on my knees



Intervening for humanity

Lord, please place within me

This burden

An urgency to tell them

To repent and follow thee

For bringing the glorious gospel

You have given

Nails driven


All for me

Those things I remember




               ❤️Krystal Lynne