Victory Secured 

Can you imagine a world free from war? 

Everywhere we look there is some type of war somewhere breaking out or raging on. War against countries, war against people, war against families. 

 We can even wage wars against ourselves.  

Today is day 7 of my fasting experience and God is now 7 for 7 on the downloads! 

This morning my waking time was 2:24 am. The verse was- 
Now the name of Hebron formerly was Kiriath-arba.(Arba was the greatest man among the Anakim.) And the land had rest from war.~ Joshua 14:15 ESV

And the land had rest from war…..
My war seems to be with my myself and my emotions.
My emotions can be so out of control at times they feel like they are running straight for the battle lines and then back to retreating at warped speed. Almost like those dreaded sprints I had to run in track as a teenager. 

 That makes my legs hurt just thinking about them! 

Then there is the war I seem to fight on the battlefield of my mind. That is the one that my flesh and my spirit like to also war in, in addition to my emotions!

Somedays that feels like playing a pin ball machine. The fancy double ball release kind. 

A stressful moment and wham and I could ping off a dozen different emotions. Not one will land me into that little “sweet spot” that releases the bells to go off and the machine to shake and the score board to advance and you get another ball to keep playing. 
No, Instead it is like they ping around and go into the gutter ball area of pin ball and I have to keep pulling back the spring to release another ball and press buttons to move levers frantically to keep my ball moving and hope I don’t run out of balls.

Victory on those days seems so far away when the war is raging on. 

My unpacking took me to look up the Life Recovery Bible notes:

Age alone does not make a person feel or act old. In fact, Caleb willingly sought to enter into battle against some of the more powerful armies that inhabited the land. Because he trusted God fully, Caleb succeeded in securing his promised inheritance. We need to continue to realize that in our own life, if God wants to grant us victory over any problem we encounter, that victory is already secured. 

                ~The Life Recovery Bible 

God is showing me through this fast that there will be stressful days and stress less days, happy days and not so happy days. Each day we need to navigate through His word and His truths instead of pinging off our emotions. Then we will land in that “sweet spot” – the spot of resting and living in His resurrection power. The spot where our victory is already secured. The spot where the land is at rest from all war.   

God actually loves when we run out of balls. That is when He steps in and takes over. He is the Original Pin Ball Wizard after all.  

                  ~XXOO Michelle Bollom