She stares and her glare cuts deep
Draining the ocean
Within her victim’s corpse
To dispose all inner constellations
Formed there
Standing once in confidence
‘Til faced with toxic
Bleeding through her skin
Wanting her victims
To suffer as she did
Covering up her pain
Made in past memories
Now in reality’s midst 
Causing chaos within
The already distorted mind
And relying on death’s kiss
To reap affect inside
The effects of war
She erases all the evidence
Hoping to start over
Forgetting the once believed lies
Tracing back her steps
She tries to believe 
Nothing is correct
Just as she’s seen before
Her very eyes
The battles fought and lost
Her corners cut off
By standers observing
From a safe distance
Not caring enough
To get involved
With mingling pain and thoughts
As a slave to the night
She clothes herself
In her own flesh
Bone keeping
Everything hanging
In place
As she attempts 
Masking her face
Behind past nightmares
Wanting to appear
Like she’s living a dream
But really
Only beginning
The past to devour
Each and every moment.


                             ~Bethany Anne