Utter Foolishness 




n. lack of good sense; foolishness.

A man’s own folly ruins his life, yet his heart rages against the Lord. ~ Proverbs19:3 

I heard someone say Folly means “Utter Foolishness.” So when I saw today’s verse I would have to agree, that our own “utter foolishness” will ruin our life. 

I started thinking about my earlier life experiences when I kept God in little compartments where I wanted Him to operate in and not interfere with me on other areas.  

I wanted to keep God on the periphery of my life like a lawyer on retainer. I wanted a convenient God who was there when I needed Him and also wanted Him to leave me alone when I didn’t.    

When I finally hit rock bottom and was drowning fast, I was mad and angry with God, my heart was raging against Him. Why? How? How could You let this or that happen? Where were you? Hello!!!, I need You to fix this mess I made…NOW!! 

What I know now is everything that matters to us, does matter to God, but we can’t live like a heathen 6 days a week and only give God a few hours on Sunday’s and expect all to go well. 

We must let Him be the integral and intimate foundation of every area of our life before troubles come so we are able to withstand the storms of life and make our way back up to the surface for another breath before we drown. 
We have to allow Him free reign in our lives in every area If we ever want to be restored and live in wholeness.  

Don’t let folly ruin your life. Release every area and struggle to God. Invite Him to take up complete and permanent residence and have His full way in every area of your life. 

Lord, help me never to compartmentalize You. May I never keep You separated from me due to my own folly, sins, stubbornness or pride. Help me to allow You and Your presence to permeate every single area of my life. I need You every second of my day just as I need air to live. Help me to crucify my flesh and begin to live In rhythm with Your perfect Holy Spirit and resurrection power. I come fully surrendered to You. Strengthen me and settle me, make me what You will. 

In Jesus’ Name. Amen. 

                   XXOO Michelle Bollom