Buildings layered upon the ground
In rows outnumbered
People walking, their feet trampling
The original painting
Orchestrated perfectly in tune
But now broken
Forever reused 
By ignorance, for applause 
And we only know what else
Disfigured in view by all
Those who’ve blistered the face 
Again and again
In case they missed something
From the last time
Their hands wrung out the weary place
In the eyes of a wrecked child
Internally: masked outwardly
Of identity once owned
The very thing once possessed
But now stranded in other’s vomit
Which isn’t their fault
But blamed for it
As if it were their choice to be unvoiced
Of the awakening of rebirth within 
Blinded ignorance disguised as Compassion
A cause worth laying down another’s life for
But all a scheme of hell to never be helped
Forced out of the dark curtains clothing
The fragmented flesh screaming out
For some affection, attention to be noticed
But all is in effect of the movement
Music that’s only heard through the heart
Beating, pulsing within every fiber owned
In unison of the last breath plugged into now 
Times are gone before, but begging for more
Reasoning with realities apologies doesn’t cut
Breadcrumbs on the dirt floor of victims tears
Reminiscing in last nights fierce encounter
With the enemy, against all odds in war
That battle within one fights all alone
Without backup from love
Compassion, or understanding
Catching moonlit sky in a cracked jar
Pushing back the cosmos of tomorrow’s threats
To kill ones corpse in anger
If the victim tells a stranger 
Of the cold war fought 
Children being mocked and stripped of identity
Forced and manipulated 
To do favors for enemies
Deceived within
That they are nothing more
Than that dirty sand
One walks on from time to time
That binds the earth into affect
Of today’s plan

        ~Bethany Anne