Character can be defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.



Romans 5:4 “And endurance produces character, and character produces hope…”



Last week my girlfriend and I were conversing about GOD’s gift in our lives and the gifts of others. In our conversation we realized that character plays a significant role in our growth in life. Why is this important? I am curious.  

Do you feel like you are in a situation and you feel that you can’t move? Do you ever feel that you are being tested in the same area over and over again? Does someone anger you so deeply that you consistently explode? Are you experiencing disappointment over and over and over again? Do you ever feel like you progress in life and then feel like you are regressing?  


GOD is trying to take you to new levels that your character cannot maintain. If you find yourself moving up and then moving back down, it is time to switch into your character building season. It is time to make different choices.  


God has given all of us gifts; however, we become refined when we endure life’s circumstances, life’s circumstances help us depend on GOD. The more we depend on GOD- the more Christ-like we become, and our capacity for life increases.  

Every day we have the opportunity to build our character. Our character is what others see on the outside of us (based on what we’ve developed on the inside). This week, identify those areas of your life in which GOD might be trying to build your character and respond GOD’s way- not your way! Enjoy your week!




Dear God,

Thank you for showing me that this is my character building season. Please help me make choices that are GOD centered in all areas of my life. I truly desire a Christ-like character and I know this can only be built through enduring life and depending on you. Thank you for your love and grace. I love you.


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