Doing The Dash 

You can say that yesterday was a random Thursday. It was cloudy, overcast and average. On my morning drive I passed the cemetery just like I do every day. But this time I looked over there and I noticed some of the names. I could see the dates on a few headstones. You know the “start” and “finish” dates. I thought about the span of time that they had on this earth, however long or short. I didn’t give much thought about where they were spending eternity. Although that’s the most important question, it is a little late to think about that now.

I remember a sermon preached years ago. The pastor talked about the “dash” or the “space” between those two dates on a headstone, And what it represents.

Think about it. 

Once that stone is carved with that end date….. That’s it.  We’ve done all we can do here. That’s everything we were, our life, our legacy. The good the bad the ugly. What we stood up for. What we didn’t. What we believed. Did we lead or did we follow? Did we blend in or did we stand out? Was our love of things bigger than our love for people? 
Did we make a difference? Did we hold grudges? Were we quick to forgive? Did we love and live out loud? How did we spend our time? How about our money? What did we do with these random Thursdays?

“The Elephant in the room question” is ….. 

How many people did we share our faith with? 

How many times did we really get to know someone and never have the nerve to ask them about where they plan to spend eternity? 

Our question should be as simple as “We will all die one day, what do you think happens after that?” Then we can just keep talking. Who knows where that will lead? 

Why am I so scared? 

Instead of being afraid to ask them …. My prayer is that I will be more afraid not to. 

I went to bed last night thinking that the bad news is ….I’ve got a whole lot of work to do on my dash.

I woke up this morning, put my feet on the floor and realized the good news is …. I have today!!


                           Susan Q. Bailey