Unlocking Your Potential 


What is “potential”? 
I like to think of it as simply “Unrealized Ability”

I saw this list recently of 10 keys to unlocking potential. 

            10 keys to unlocking potential:
You must establish a relationship with God — the source of your potential.

You must understand how God made you to function: by faith and by love.

You must know your purpose in life (your potential was given for just that).

You must identify the resources that help unlock your potential.

You must know and find or create the right environment you need to function at your peak performance level. Part of this is daily contact with God.

You must realize that potential is expressed through hard work.

You must cultivate your potential. Fertilize it like a seed.

You must guard your potential — from laziness, distractions, and compromise.

You must share your potential. No potential exists for itself.

You must understand and cooperate with the limitations God has placed on your potential. Remember, you’re not God! When you violate these limitations, your potential actually decreases.

                                    ~ Miles Munroe 

What do you think?
Are you ready to realize your ability and unlock your potential? 
A great place to start is in God’s Word.
Don’t ever let the world tell you what you aren’t-

Let God show you who you really are.  

Grab your Key (The Bible) and start unlocking your potential today! 
              ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom