Calling My Bride 

I am calling to My Bride – Come out from among them! Step out from the kingdoms of religion that man has built for himself and into your destiny as My Beloved. You do not see Me in the flesh at this time, but I am already with you! Time is growing short. The time for action is now! Turn a deaf ear to any voice but Mine. Turn your attention from any influence but Mine. Walk in the steps that I have laid for you. The pattern has already been set – walk in it! I have shown you how to live your life in this earth.

Remember who you are! You are my sons and daughters. You are my beloved. I have already paid for your victories! I have already paid for your healing! I have already paid for each soul that I have created. I have put My power in your hands. I have enabled you to use it, to perform signs and wonders in this earth. Put your focus on me and listen to My voice and I will use you to turn the world on it’s ear. 

 The time for the uprising of My Bride is upon you! Remember who you are in Me!
                     ~Dana Smith