Better can be defined as superior quality, improved in health/healthier, and/or to increase the good qualities of.



Ecclesiastes 7:8 “Better is the end of a thing than its beginning, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.”



Growing up, people would often ask me…do you think you are better? At the time I did not understand exactly what that meant; but I remember always answering that question with “no, I don’t think I am better!” Honestly, I would get offended when people would ask me that. Some of you may have heard the same question growing up and like me felt extremely uncomfortable with the question and answering the question. Many of you may have answered the question the same way I did-some of you may have simply brushed the question off-some of you may have stopped becoming a better you and remain stagnant or remained average or what was considered norm at the time- and the rest of you may have replied with a serious, yes I am. I am not sure what your response was at the time; but I can tell you that my response to that same question has changed over the years.  


About one month ago, someone asked me the same question… Do you think you are better? In the context of the conversation I again answered the question by saying, “no, I don’t think I am better!” This time however, I pondered on the question differently. I thought to myself, why would someone ask me that? What did I do to make them feel like I am being better? What exactly does being better mean?


Here’s what I discovered. In life, many of us are striving to become better people. As our expectations of change, our desire for a superior quality of life changes as well. Many of us desire to have:

• A better relationship with GOD

• Healthier relationships with others

• Physical, emotional, and spiritual health

• A better relationship with our children

• A better relationship with our spouses

• Increased finances


When you have a desire to become a better you, and align yourself with GOD, he will begin stripping away your past armor and re-coat you with your new armor. Many people will not understand why you are wearing a new armor and will ridicule what you have on because they don’t understand or they haven’t accepted the new you. When you are stripped away from past encounters, do not discredit your past or pass judgement on others, simply allow GOD to continue to do his work. Be sure to always express his love. So here’s the new response to being asked “do you think you are better?”. Yes, I am better and I am working on becoming a better me! Instead of dimming your light; be thankful of GOD’s grace, mercy, and favor on your life. There’s no need to be boastful or prideful; but you should be unapologetically bold about letting people know that your vision for your life aligns with GOD’s vision for your life and that GOD wants you to be the best you- you can be! The scripture tells us that the end of a thing is better than its beginning. Thank GOD for a strong ending…



Dear God,

Thank you so much for helping me become a better me. Thank you for helping me see myself the way you see me. I might have had rough beginnings, but I am so grateful that my story ends with a better ending. I love you.


Commit to the challenge. 

 I DARE you. ~Lereca Monik 
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