A State Of Neutral 

Warm concrete to snuggle up to

Pavement pillows for the down and out

Human beings treated like trash! 

These are humble people

Hungry more for eye contact than …

A Happy Meal

A glimpse of kindness for the homeless

Can we look them in the eye and smile as we walk by? 

Our day is busy and we have no time to stop and listen

I judge them too

When I’m in a hurry and don’t want to feel or 

Deal with their pain!!! 

I make excuses to why they are there…..

We all do 

It is the very grace of God that we are not

They were children with hope for a wonderful life….like the rest of us

But Addictions….alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, pornography, adultery, 

stealing, lying, embezzlement…. 

hopelessness, poor up bringing, low self esteem, 

mental illness, disease, time in jail, lack of education, poor choices, teenage pregnancy, incest, rape, stupidity…..

A combination of many mentioned contributed to their demise

We pray for them

We listen to them

Feed them

Laugh with them

Love them

But we can’t bring them home like a dog or cat….

We leave them in their state of neutral

We drive off and they are transported in our hearts with a name and a prayer 

And a seed of faith planted for their future

These people have names, stories,

Beauty and beasts within….just like us 

Jesus had no place to lay his head

WOW….He gets it!!!!! 

We really don’t 

but that’s ok

He doesn’t expect us to relate 

He expects us to extend Him to them
                         ❤️Krystal Lynne