To Love A Man 


To Love A Man

Would Be To Me

The Ongoing Road

At Sunset

Nothing Facing Me

But Eternity

Shared With A Lover

Who Will Be There  

Sunrise, Happily

Someone Warm

To Hold Me

To Smile As

Our Lips Meet

To Love A Man

Is Wonderful

But Above, To Be Loved

This Is The Greatest Thing

These Hands Have Not Yet

Held A Lovers Heart

Nor Gently Brushed 

His Hair From Brow

To Kiss That Hard Day Bye

This Spirit Free, Though Alone

Would Spend Forever Searching 

For Endless Sleepless Nights 

Have Kept Her Bound

With Next To Nothing

Pillows Are Not Flesh

Satin Sheets Cannot Caress

My Side When Rain

Pours On The Outside

Ah, To Love A Man

This Is The Greatest Thing

     ❤️Krystal Lynne 

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