A Psalm 

Who can I turn to when it seems that I am surrounded by my failures? 

Who will hold me up when every corner of my life is closing in, weighing me down? 

Who can soothe a heart that aches with worry and self loathing? 

Lord, my only hope is found in You. 

My mind is troubled, burdened with stress and fatigue. 

I need you to calm the storm of my thoughts and give me peace. 

I am hurting, yearning, longing Lord. 

Fill me with the satisfaction only you can give. 

I feel lost, alone, purposeless and unwanted. 

Hold me close to you and show me the way you want me to go. 

Make me into who you want me to be. 

Birth boldness in me. 

I’ve lost my identity. 

I don’t feel like I have any meaning or value. 

I feel sub-par, judged as unsatisfactory and disregarded. 

Help me to find my identity in you. 

Give me direction and a life of contentment. 

Remember me. 

Don’t leave me. 

Be reminded of my love and need for you. 

Make your presence in my life known to me. 

Be tangible. 

I am thankful for your faithfulness. 

I am grateful for your goodness. 

I need your shelter. 

I need to hide away in you and become whole again. 

Mend the broken parts of me. 

I want to be better, more than what I am.

I want to be who YOU say I am.

             ~ Dana Smith