Conceiving Conception

Never to hear those words addressed

To me a million times

Never to see their smiles

Beaming up at me

Lovingly wonderfully made in my own image

Never to speak their names

Hear their voice

Soothe their cries

Tell them stories

Answer why

Never to hold them close

Tuck them in

Scold when wrong

Praise encourage and applaud

Never to clutch them to my breast

Nourish them 


Then relinquish

Never to sing lullabies

Kiss goodbye

To see my child in my husband’s arms

Rocking him or her

Holding with such care and love

Adoring this miracle that we have created

I weep inside at this mere thought

Deciding that my minds made up

Never say never

I hear a whisper at night

Mama and daddy

Spoken with delight

As I close my eyes and imagine

Conceiving their conception
❤️ Krystal Lynne