Boy On A String 

Lured by the seen and unseen

Catering to voices that speak on the inside

Incarcerating your mind

Your dreams and visions 

Inhaling poison to fill the void

Turning up the music 

To silence the noise of your heart

Begging for mercy 

Desiring flight from the cage

You’ve encased your feelings

In the small child within 

Crying whimpering and trying to reach you 

Amidst the walls that separate you from him
Boy on a string

Dangling in the wind

You are tossed to and fro

Without destiny

Wayward and wandering day by day

Living night of the living dead

Except sadly this is your life

Not a movie

This is your final act on a stage made of sand

Beware of your adversary

He is an undertow

Coming fast like a train

Stealing your soul 

Running straight towards hell and the grave

As you were taking your final bow

You’ll be hit from behind

Fast And Quick

Knees buckling

Stomach upchucking 

The liquor you love

And if that were not enough

The strings are now tighter

Entangled in the deception you believed

Trapped in the web your choices are weaving

The devil in disguise

Laughing at you and your life

Pulling the strings 

While you stood still and allowed him

Boy on a string

Who’s at the wheel of your machine 

Manipulated to the left

Persuaded to the right

On your knees you’ll be tonight 

Calling out to your maker

Acknowledging Christ 

Your Savior

Requesting His cleansing blood


The gift of love

His mighty arm reaching 

To clip the strings of sin

Lifting you from this heaviness

Gently placing you in His loving arms

Rocking you to sleep tonight

Your name now in the book of life

Boy on his feet and standing

On the Rock of Ages

A sure and sound foundation for you 

To begin your history

Following the Leader

Christ Jesus

Placing your future in His hands

Boy isn’t it a relief

Not having to fear anything

Trusting the Lord with everything and

Experiencing peace from within

That’s what I call a natural high

Supernatural psychedelic 

Without a price 

Your call

Your quarter

Your mind

Your dollar 

You’re the boy

You decide

❤️ Krystal Lynne 


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