Sacrificed like an animal

On the altar of my life

Blood shed

Heart burst

In sorrow for our sin

An offering 

For our repentance

Skin torn

Ripped from His mind

Was our soulish desires

Hellish fires

We mingle with

Cling unto

Singing to and adhering to

Justifying our rebellious hearts

Lusts we’ve sired

This old man expired

Nailed to a cross of wood

Hanging there as all looked on

Wondering if He truly was God’s son

And if He was

Why He hung there

The shame

The loss

He gained us through the cross

Our spirits born

Hearts adorned

With His Holy presence

He paid the price

Suffered and died

Purchased us with His blood

He rose again and ever lives

Making intercession for us

To be our friend

Enjoying eternal company

Embracing mankind with His life 

God’s love sent Jesus Christ

King and Lord on high


Exchanging Himself



Lamb of God

Silently stepping in

For the sins of the world

Mine and yours


New birth

It is written

He has pardoned

Innocence given for damnation

Thanks be to God

For mercy

For grace

Our Savior

Jesus Christ

Prince of Peace


❤️ Krystal Lynne