The shadows dancing along the walls 
Lonelines creeps in
Despair has called

The gaze is fixed

On the shadows movements
On the wall

The out of body wishing

The heart would start to fall 

 In line 

With the joy
The changing
The flowing 
The movement 
Erasing the hurts, the bruises, 
the offenses and torments

In a crowded room
But feeling alone
People that once vowed to help 
Have all now gone

Gone to the next new adventure
Their once cheering voices 
now nothing more than whispers

Was God clearing the playing field?
Does He need her alone? 
To Strengthen her
With only what He can show

Weaving them in and out
Like shadows dancing 
On the walls
On the ground
In her heart

To only make room for His 
Divine Solid Connections

No put on’s
No lip service
No masks
No pretense 
No clash

Oh the ease 
The comfort
The safety and sacred
Bringing back to life 
What felt buried and dead

Oh the weaving
The dancing
The glancing of faces

Those in it for the long haul

Those willing to help you
When you fall
Or fail
Or too tired to care

Those willing to share without a care
For a reward
Content with winning souls 
Obeying the Lord

No band wagon jumpers
No, their feet are secure
They are fastened and devoted
Pledged to see you through are
His Divine Solid Connections

As the sun in the shadows move
In and out of sync
Bitterness fading 
hurts erased 
Unforgiveness now out of sight 
The mind can discern clearly

Oh for a season 
For a time
For a lesson
Each shadow danced for a specific blessing

As the sun shifts in the sky
The shadows too have to move on

Not all can go where the Son is taking them

Just as the light may shift the shadow

The Light is what always remains

Even when some shadows fade

His Divine Solid Connections are meant to stay. 


                   ~XXOO Michelle Bollom