Ex (ASS) Pertise

Know it all

My confidence in me

So sure 

that I am correct

My intellect 

Entangles me

Woe to me

Oh dearly deceived

Pride comes before a fall

The snares in place

My tongue is in motion

Hautiness released

To prime

The swelling of my soul

Inflating my self devotion


Stepping stones

To a hardened heart

This path of thinking

Will only determine

The foolish journey 

You’re traveling on

The fact that you’re lacking


Will heap the coals

Keeping flames hotter

While fanning yourself

Upon your throne

Serving yourself superior

Flattery in disguise

Bondage becoming

The ass you ride

Applauding yourself


Higher than you ought


Your mind and spirit 

From the liberty

That is free


Your exalted expertise

❤️ Krystal Lynne